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A complete and wide-ranging travel experience

Kos is the island where you can craft your own holidays; a relaxing destination, offering an exclusive range of beaches, activities and cultural opportunities for all travelers. It is considered to be the first inhabited island in the wider area of the Dodecanese. Kos’ rich history is easily noticeable through the array of open-air archaeological sites blended with the ottoman mosques in the city center; a fusion of cultures and civilizations interrelated for eternity.

You can choose from 112km of infinite coastlines, 10 miles of cycling lanes and numerous Blue Flag spots. For the sports enthusiasts there are hiking, mountain biking, wind surfing, kite surfing horse riding, and many more activities to choose from. Such a range of activities enables you to spend quality time and connect with nature in multiple ways. Kos’s diversity also applies to its restaurants, where one can indulge in a variety of local delicacies. The taste of a Greek salad made from entirely local produce, will surely enhance your holiday experience. Cosmopolitan, vivid and colorful, Kos is undoubtedly a lifestyle destination. Kos allows you to create your own holiday experience, choosing how to live your days here to the fullest, depending on your own tastes and preferences. For all the reasons mentioned above, Kos provides a unique and holistic travel opportunity for all.

refresh... your heart
With never-ending sandy seashores, azure crystal-clear waters and Blue Flag awarded beaches.
112 kilometers of pure summer
When most islands offer one single type of beach, Kos provides diversity; boasting a wide array of unique beaches. Whether you wish to be pampered on comfortable sun beds or live the adventure of exploring some of the island’s most secluded beaches, Kos offers a bit of blue to everyone. In fact, 12 of its sea coasts are labeled with the world-famous Blue Flag.
Golden sandy shores, rocky pebbled bays, dreamy turquoise waters and thermal springs; a complete palette of blue. You name it; Kos has it! Each part of the island offers a completely different seascape. Kos has a coastline of 112km, almost 2/3 of the island being occupied by beaches, one of the largest in relation to the length of its coastline throughout the Mediterranean.
Kos’ most popular postcards feature «Agios Stefanos»! This beach sits right next to ancient ruins and is located in the village of «Kefalos» where the most desired beaches are found. From your sun bed you can gaze at a charming Orthodox monastery on top of a small islet, a mere few meters away from the shore. The beaches in the villages of «Tigaki» and «Marmari», are suitable for families with children as their waters are shallow and their restaurants just a few steps away from the sand. Navy blue coasts and private bays, with a rich seabed ideal for snorkeling enthusiasts, are found in «Psalidi» and «Agios Fokas» areas, very close to the town center.
refresh... your senses
With unique delicacies and local products offered in one of the island’s plentiful restaurants.
From the local farms to your table
From the famous krasoturi cheese, the traditional tomato spoon sweet, the variety of local wines, honey, olive oil and much more, Kos is an oasis of local produce and culinary delights waiting to be explored. Wine makers and cheese and honey producers are ready to welcome you and guide you through their fields and vineyards.
In Kos, most of the dishes the island has to offer are made with local ingredients, hand-picked only a few miles away from the town center. Whether you are looking for a typical Greek taverna, a quick bite of mezes, a casual restaurant, a fish house or even a fine dining experience, Kos has it all. And with almost five hundred restaurants to choose from, you will not even need to worry about social distancing and overly crowded places!
refresh... your mind
With a visit to one of Greece’s most iconic historic monuments and open-air archeological landmarks.
An exclusive blend of cultures and civilizations
Hippocrates, the father of medicine and author of the Hippocratic Oath, practiced and taught his medicine in the Asklepion, a nicely preserved landmark in the country side of Kos, a must-see for anyone who wishes to take a historic journey back to the 5th century BC.
But Kos’ history cannot only be felt at the Asklepion. Kos is often described as an open-air museum, and rightly so, with dozens of archaeological sites in the middle of the city center. A quick walk through town will justify this description, assuring you that Kos is a fusion of cultures and civilizations.
The whole island is full of historic landmarks from various historical periods. Medieval castles, Italian buildings and Ottoman mosques, are amongst Kos’ architectural gems, offering picturesque corners all around the island. A walk in Kos town is a trip throughout Greece’s history, where different cultures coexisted peacefully, ultimately creating a unique sight-seeing experience for every visitor.
refresh... your body
With a bicycle ride around the island’s long cycling lanes and a variety of exciting activities.
Unlimited ways to connect with nature
Kos has been known as the «bicycle island» for many decades now, and not without reason. Iconic Greek movies of the ‘60s feature movie stars riding bikes in the «palm tree avenue» of Kos harbor. Ever since, riding a bicycle is a popular activity for locals and visitors alike. Today, the island features a total of almost 10 miles of bicycle lanes. If you are looking for a more adventurous experience, mountain biking is also a growing trend amongst the locals. Riding through deep green forests inhabited by exotic peacocks, or in hillsides amongst panoramic Aegean views are memories worth making.
Enhance your summer story even further, by taking a day trip from Kos to the nearby islands. Walk on an active volcano in Nisyros, a mere hour away by boat (!) or swim in the navy-blue Aegean with a popular day trip to the three neighboring islands of Platy, Kalymnos and Pserimos. Finally, if you are an adrenaline seeker, water sports and surf clubs are dotted all around the island's shores. You can surf, kite-surf or just hold tight as a ring or a banana splashes you through the waves.
Kos offers a variety of activities with which to spend your time taking in the fresh air of the island’s countryside. Horse riding in «Tigaki» by the sea, or hiking on top of mount «Dikaios», are great ways to get in touch with nature, while revitalizing yourself with breathtaking views.
refresh... your way of living
With a long-stay holiday. Live like a local and experience alternative and sustainable Greek living in Kos.
Your home away from home

It usually takes more than a couple of days to completely unwind on holidays and it certainly takes much more than that to truly explore a destination. What doesn’t take long to experience on Kos Island, is the genuine Greek hospitality; one of the reasons some of our visitors have been returning to the island for over 30 years!

For the ancient Greeks, hospitality, otherwise known as ‘xenia’, was a sacred rule; it was of vital importance to show generosity and courtesy to those who visit from foreign lands. For the community of Kos, hospitality is part of its identity, warm welcomes and friendly greetings part of its culture.

When considering Kos for a long-term stay, one must mention the vast variety of options when it comes to accommodation. You can pick a seaside apartment or even a house up in the mountains. The traditional villages of «Zia» and «Lagoudi», offer picturesque, secluded lodgings with panoramic views of the Aegean Sea.

Are you considering sustainable holidays? In Kos you have the ability to shop and consume local produce such as wine, honey, olive oil, basil, rosemary and oregano, amongst others.

Taking a long-stay holiday in 2020 might be just what you’ve been longing for. Not only will you enjoy the mild climate of the island, but you will also be able to indulge in all the island-hopping opportunities Kos has to offer. Have you ever wanted to explore the island of Kalymnos, the world-famous climbing destination, the volcanic Nysiros, the atmospheric Patmos or the peaceful Lipsi? Now’s your chance to make all that happen! Kos’ location, being in the center of the Dodecanese offers a great opportunity to pay all these islands a visit.

The open-air archaeological sites, offer inside knowledge on the countless civilizations that once bloomed on the island. A long-stay holiday provides the opportunity to immerse yourself even further into this fascinating cultural experience.

While exploring Kos the spectacular scenery and wild beauty will not cease to amaze you! «Therma» is one of Kos’s hidden gems, located at the very edge of the island. At «Therma» one will find natural open-air thermal springs, ideal for soothing and relaxing, all hours of the day. During the night, one can swim in the warm waters while gazing at the stars, an experience so electrifying it is impossible to miss out on.

Last but not least, accessibility has now been made much smoother than previous years, with the renovation of the international airport «Hippocrates».